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About Us

www.testbankonline.com is a premiere and trusted online source of highly dedicated in providing the students with high-quality and valuable solution manual and test bank for a variety of US & International text books.

Our customer support is available [24-7]. We encourage the customers to email us Sales@Testbankonline.Com and explain to us their concerns regarding solution manual and/or test bank. Our mission is to help students succeed in their classes which lead to success in their lives. We are an honest vendor and we expect our customers to be honest to us as well.

What if my testbank/Solution manual was not in Textbook List? Feel free to contact us Regard any material u are looking for it.
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We are an extremely fair and honest vendor and we expect the customers to be fair and honest to us as well. No wonder we have served thousands of happy students over the course of five years. However, there will be times when customers are dissatisfied with our product. When that happens, we encourage the customers to email us at aidforstudent@gmail.com and explain to us their concerns regarding the solutions manual or test bank you received. If your explanation is reasonable and we believe that your judgment is fair, we will issue partial or full refunds or we may give you discounts towards your future purchase to compensate your loss.

However, we frown upon sudden chargeback, defrauding and non-paying customers. Therefore, if you intend to scam us, please DO NOT buy from us at the first place. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY. We encourage you to contact us first before filing a chargeback.

Thank you.